woensdag 17 februari 2010

Concreet sale

A while ago Concreet held a big sale in the haque. We're just waiting for the next to come.

zaterdag 13 februari 2010

Prototype dress

Within 6 weeks we had to make an dress at Amfi. The assignment was to make a prototype dress. Lorain was my muze for making the dress. The day before showing the dress to the teachers, i had to make some photo's about the capability of movements in this dress. Here are some photo's.

donderdag 11 februari 2010

After a hard day working at Amfi. I chilled out with some friends of mine working at Vans store in Amsterdam. We starved to death, while we wait for closing time. Cherissa and Nonja orderd spare ribs. So to enjoy our time we went out shooting pictures in their storage room. Later on Yale joined us to.

woensdag 10 februari 2010

Graduation show Amfi designers

While the 1ste year students have their midterm-assessment
at the Amsterdams fashion instituut. The designers are showing their end-collection for their gradution.